Greetings and all that jazz

2 Jan


I’m finishing up last year’s assignments on the new year (heh). I bet some culture would have some taboo about this, and I’m about to incur 7 years of bad luck (or unfinished assignments).

Non-existent superstitions aside, we were tasked to design greeting cards + new year’s gifts, and I sincerely think this is the best of all:


I think it’s pretty ingenious, cute, and kinda accurate (think tech and calculations). And hey, in the age of mobile phones and what not, I think this would be a pretty awesome corporate xmas card. Plus, free apps are always HOT with everyone – corporate zombies, techies and the cheapskates, which makes it great marketing strategy as well.

This is yet another of my fave:  –> Watch the video!

Although this didn’t turn out to be the final MB Christmas commercial, the otherwise bizarre connection between baking and MB cars is such a winner in this ad. Loving the comical twist on MB commercials, and of course, the chef’s twirly mustache.  Guess he HAS to be French 😀 (Like the cars/brand)

Last great xmas card spotted:

This is one naughty Christmas card! And no, Santa’s not just doing innocent twirls round that pole, heh. I like how the artist used the dots to kinda mask the lewd-ness of the visuals, and as a result, the xxx xmas cards actually look pretty sophisticated and tasteful and yet, the cheeky message is not lost. Don’t want to know what inspired this set of card though.

Happy holidays, world.



5 Dec


Here’s my 2nd take on the creative exercise!


Okay fine, I chose the picture with the bananas because…I LOVE EATING THEM!!!! It was a no-brainer 😀

And so here goes my wacky tale. (And I realise I did my last one wrongly because I had interpreted the instructions mistakenly D:)

Basically, the guy on the top right hand corner was your average office zombie,  and decided to spice up things by going for a hair-cut. But lo and behold, because he fell asleep during the hair-cut, he woke up and got dreadlocks instead.

Outraged, he starts a row with the barber and starts to get violent. At this point the barber (obviously!) starts running for his life and they go on a cat-and-mouse chase down the city, with the man finally catching the barber after the latter emerges from a man-hole (the picture on the left!). The poor barber trips and falls flat on his face D:

Then, the barber decides to compensate the man, and drives up a Volkswagen bus thingy to the man’s house. The man opens the door, and a whole pile of bananas come spilling out! (It’s a lifetime supply of banana, hooray!!! I’d be happy if I were him, haha.) Turns out that the barber is also the proud owner of a banana plantation and has decided to repay the man with…a hell load of bananas. And that drove the guy…bananas! (JUST. HAD. TO. PUN.)

I guess that because of the cables in the top right-hand photo, a possible product could be a Dream Machine of sorts, so that when you go for hair-cuts or manicures of facials or whatever beauty treatment you can fall asleep and this machine that is plugged to your brain (thus the wires) can wake you up if the hair cut is going wrong etc, or even provide entertainment, news and audio-books while you sleep.

Or maybe, in an alternate reality, bananas could be used to generate/simulate hair growth 😀 Another product – genetically modified fruits that can solve your physical/beauty troubles.

Logotypes to come, soon!


30 Nov

Havin’ some design grub at grub time (yes, it really is lunch time now!)



I love that these business cards are different – the triangular head kinda works and directs the receiving audience/person’s attention towards the company logo and name. And if I were receiving the card, it’s nice that the business card points towards me, so it’s like it’s a gift of sorts that is meant specially for me.

Awesome and ingenious shape aside, I don’t quite get if the shape of the business card is related to the company, it’s branding or the products. It’s nice that the card kinda balances on the fork, but it doesn’t instinctively remind one of innovative kitchen products. But I get that sometimes in design, not everything has to be an intentional part of the branding, and this time it’s more functional and strategic than anything else.

TA-TA, off to grab some grub.

New-found brainfood: long showers!

20 Nov

Screw all that save-the-environment crap and hop in for a long-ass bath!

Fine, just go give my point some credibility (and also just in case the Greenpeace people decide to come after me with pitch-forks), here´s why those leisurely showers are great for one´s creative juices:

I can´t agree more, really. In this age of super-connectedness I can hardly remember a point in time where I went without my phone for a day voluntarily, or for that matter a day without email/Facebook/Instagram. Thinking, dreaming and imagining has become so much harder and precious, and during the times I do space out and fantasize about various creative pursuits these thoughts aren’t as grand or wacky as before.

I think I am going to need that long shower soon.

Hello Saturday!

17 Nov

Let’s start bright fresh and early with a post 😀

Who would have thought a sandwich joint would have such gorgeous branding/packaging!!!!

I love the minimal feel to everything – the condensation of the word sandwich to “wich” (which is still pretty clear anyway), and the abstraction of the real-life sandwiches to sketches on their menu and what-not. Perhaps, most of all, I like the play on the word “wich” – it does refer to sandwich, but at the same time it is also a question, “which”. So it’s kinda implies something to the effect of…”which ‘wich would you like?”

The choice of colours is also superb (yes, I’ve only got good stuff to say about this one). I like how it’s deliberately minimal, probably because the sandwiches/salads peeking out of those bowls and packaging would be bursting with colour anyway, which creates a nice contrast. The black/grey colour scheme also adds class and sophistication to the branding, which is always good news for any food joint.

Enough about ‘Wich, it’s time for breakfast and a real sandwich.

Monday Madness

12 Nov

They were wrong. Mondays are not blue; they’re completely mad. Or madness, whichever is grammatically right. The weekend comes to an end, one realizes how much work is left undone, and of course, the smelly laundry that’s been piling up is the last straw.

But anyhow, here’s what I found while looking through the usual load of blogs: 

I like how this is a playful take on an otherwise antiquated font. The font, which would have found its way into existence in something like the era of the Great Gatsy (1920s and thereabouts), has been updated through its little pointy additions to the sides of each alphabet and the through its placement on the invitation itself.

The curly “&”, though in most instances considered fairly outdated, strangely works in this case. Can’t quite describe it, maybe it’s because it’s the only cursive symbol in the title, and the contrast between this italic “&” and the regular sans serif fonts works out.

And of course, I’m a sucker for most things forest green, so this design is completely up my alley.